Punch TV Studios and Chief executive Joseph Collins Provides The Magic For Stockholders

Punchtv and Chief executive Joseph Collins Gives The Magic For Stakeholders

By a fusion of multi-media in addition to financial power, The 2018 Shareholders Convemtion Conference and Party hosted by Head of the company Mr. Collins and the Punch tv media crew delivered the magic as expected in the memorable city that never sleeps, Nv on May eleven and May twelve.

Revealed the newly attained stock symbol, Mr. Collins makea fantastic revelation in attaining not no more than the Nasdaq place, but became the first African American operated studios to receive Nasdaq status through the black community as it's central part investor base. During the two-day meeting, with the hundreds of stockholders, investorsand prospect investors saw what Punch had to offer.

Joseph Collins talked about being "excited, pleased and humbled" by both the acquisitionand the extraordinary success of the corporation. "I often believe that about how billionaire Buffett turned one of the successful people in U.S, and my idea was to construct a corporation which is where people gain monetary wealth through stock investments," said Mr. collins.

Mr. Collins, Chief executive performed just what the investors expected: knowledge about economic literacy, what is then with the growth of Punch TV Studios innovative technology, forthcoming shows, and future guidelinesfor Punch tv media. Guest speakers from around the country qualified stockholders on the subject of real-time stock charts, crowdfunding, their role, and a full presentations of from their procedures with Punch tv studios stockholders. As part of the two-day convention, Collins, an expert in business, staged a sole Master Business Class.

During a evening of dancing and meeting new people at the fun-filled celebration, Joseph Collins met and welcome all invitee independently — a personable and well-received part of the formal party.

in the presents of the awestruck traders, the element of shocker continuedbythe news of Punch Animation, Incorporated. formallyknown as Urban Television Network Corporation. Joseph Collins, Head of the company showed a glimpse of the animation showing that Punch TV Studios was at the helm of rising.

With respect to Mr. Collins,"I certainly desire to be the type of President who is most important attention is to compose my stockholders and future shareholders have belief in what we are creatingat Punch tv media and to understand that we are working towards transforming Punch tv media to the billion business, which one be capable of achieve together."

Joseph Collins, the Head of the company of a developing movie business, is starting on a five hundred million world stock offering at $5 per share for the production of new technology and advancement of Punch tv media. Based in the Santa Fe Springs area of Soutern, California, Punch TV is extending its studio and is developing world appeal. Punchtv Inc. makes use of in the networking, developing, distributing, licensing, retailing and get more here syndication of movie productions.

The business supplies tv promotion solutions and provide 1st run syndicatedtv series, off-network tv programs, and theatrical motion pictures for licensing and circulation around the planet.

For an questionwith Mr. Joseph Collins, please e mail Lisa at click here lisa@punchtvstudios.com or call us at 310-419-5914.

Joseph Collins is the President of Punch TV Studios and Punch Animation Inc. (formally Black TV Network). This article may have forward-looking financial information; Be sure to consult an counselor prior to investing.



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